Friday, March 6, 2015

Beautiful Moonrise

My favorite time of day in any season. This winter moonrise is especially lovely in England, no doubt. I must remember to look outside tonight, as I always do, because there is a Waning Gibbous which is one day removed from a full moon. I get the moonrise from the window over my kitchen sink so I rarely miss a good one. Sundown tonight is a little more than an hour away. via


JudyMac said...

As I'm sitting in my comfy LR chair, I can look up and see the beautiful moon you were speaking of. My townhouse faces southeast and in the winter, when the leaves are off the trees, the moon is a beautiful sight as it rises through the bare tree limbs in the woods across the way. A few stars are even visible as well in our bright city sky. Lovely world we live in, isn't it. Enjoy!

Content in a Cottage said...

JudyMac: My back of my cottage has the same orientation so we saw exactly the same moonrise last night. I looked out my bedroom window before I turned out the light and the moon was high in the sky shining through a mist so I didn't see any stars. Have a great weekend.
xo, Rosemary