Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beautiful Dog Portrait

Andrew Fladeboe Photography - Master of Kagen, Norway


Ann said...

Your post tonight lands close to home for me. I lived in Middleburg, VA growing up and my grandparents lived in Upperville. The Mellons' estate was between these two tiny towns and I used to drive by on the way to my best friend's house all the time. He was a vet who cared for the Mellon horses and we used to go with him to the different barns sometimes.

And I've been a lover of English Setters my whole life. My first dog at 3 years old was a Setter and I'm in the process of adopting one as we speak. Thanks for the beautiful post that has touched me and my personal history. <3


Content in a Cottage said...

Ann...You certainly must have had a charmed childhood growing up in such a beautiful area. I've heard people say that Upperville is the real benefactor of the Mellon's generosity. I'm glad you were able to see behind the scenes in the Mellon barns with your vet friend.
Good luck with your new setter. They are beautiful dogs. xo, Rosemary