Thursday, February 5, 2015

White Out

I love a house with the lights on in every room. This one is especially nice, isn't it? We only got a few flakes in my town but my driveway is solid ice and it's super cold! via


The Queen Vee said...

Cold here too but no ice and not as cold as your cold.

Be careful, don't want to hear of any slipping/falling of cottage residents.

I'm sitting by a fire with a mystery book begging to be read, hope you're sitting by a fire too with some of your toasty wool socks on you piggy toes.

Gail, northern California said...

"Solid ice" and especially dangerous. Four brothers live in Minnesota...all prefer snow over ice.

Anonymous said...

I adore houses with lights on. I want to cry when I see houses without any lights on, even porch lights.

Children are especially sad with no lights on. Lots of them have told me!

Stay warm.....don't fall!!!

Karen said...

I like this house!
Ice is scary...hope you get a little sunshine today to melt the ice.

annette said...

Sweet house.I agree about lights in every window.Makes me feel cozy just looking in.Stay off the ice,Rosemary.We are being pelted with wind and much-needed rain in Northern CA.xo, Annette