Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vintage Cape Cod House Photos

18th century cape cod houses …all photographed in the 1930s

So sweet. From simpler times. via


Anonymous said...

Love and adore! I am sending you a pic of your stuffed kitty in the antique high chair! I think you will LOVE!

The Queen Vee said...

The home I grew up in until age 9 looked very much like these little Cape Cods. My home was a very small one story Cape Cod that my dad built and then added onto twice. We moved to something larger as two very small bedrooms just didn't work for a family of six. My happiest memories of my youth though are when we lived in that very small cottage.

Lady Jane said...

Love these old houses. I grew up in a house built in the early 40's. I loved that house. Sometime in the 70's it was moved to a different location to make room for a restaurant and then a Walgreens.