Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cannot Imagine This

It looks very cozy inside and I love the light from the windows. Have you ever seen so many stars? I want to know more about this amazing photograph. I won't complain about the snow ever again. See you in the morning. Sleep tight. xo


Karen said...

That sky almost looks fake. I love all of those stars. The house looks a little too isolated for me, but the sky might make that up. We're experiencing spring like temps, which is a bad thing since we're in an extreme drought.
Stay warm.

Unknown said...

Again another stunning photo -and again from Norway - just like the photo you posted some days ago from Hoddevik.

The man who captured the stars, snow and hut is Espen Haagensen. Here is more: https://500px.com/espenhaagensen and here is some text in english: http://www.businessinsider.com/new-iphone-ios8-photo-background-interview-espen-haagensen-2014-9 and the hut is Grindaflethytta - or The Grindaflet hut. More pictures and map here: http://ut.no/hytte/3.1612/

Thanks again for your wonderful blog. This time I´ll remember to add my name;)

Kirsti (from Norway)

The Queen Vee said...

Yes, I have seen this many stars. Driving through the desert on highway 6 in Utah in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. I stopped my car, got out to look at the sky as I was instructed to do so by my sister, it was breath taking.

We've had no snow to speak of this winter, Kids are disappointed, I'm not. I feel for those folks up in Mass.