Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another Bathroom with almost No Grout

The only grout here is around the floor tiles. I like it except I wouldn't enjoy those bare light bulbs shining in my eyes. I have decided that my own bathroom is pretty much devoted to tub baths now and that is working out quite well. My hair likes this system too. When I shower I never wear a shower cap and my head always gets soaked even if I'm not washing my hair. With a tub bath, my hair just gets the humidity and my little bit of natural wave and slight curl is responding quite nicely. When I shampoo, I go downstairs and use the stall shower. My bathroom is looking neater too so it's a win/win. I decided to let the new grout cure as long as possible before it gets wet. Three hours until Downton Abbey and four hours until Grantchester on PBS. Can't wait. Enjoy your evening too. xo

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jusaweecatnap said...

Pretty floor. Don't like the lights. Maybe the bare bulbs would give me an honest assessment of the state of my make up (on the rare occasions I put some on). I could never get used to a bathroom window with no curtain, regardless of whether, in theory, anyone could see in. Just the idea unnerves me.