Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Blizzard Here!

What blizzard? Webster has been keeping an eye on the weather ever since he got up this morning. He and Tabitha went out earlier but didn't stay long. There is a very fine snow that is still falling at a pretty fast clip but it's not supposed to amount to much. I am going to wait until it stops completely before I shovel my walk and clean off my car. My plow man has already been here so my driveway is fine. It was all much ado about nothing in my area and I'm so relieved. Hope all is well where you are. xo

This kept it away.
Why is it that when I am totally prepared in every way for whatever Mother Nature brings my way, nothing happens? I took a bath before bed last night and left the water in the tub in case there was a power outage. I have a well and there's no water for flushing if there is no power. I feel that I am personally responsible for keeping the blizzard at bay. Smile. I absolutely love my 1930s corner Kohler bathtub. 


Karen in VA (was CT) said...

That tub is a gem. I have been watching the news too about the NE storm. Boy, how they could have gotten it so wrong I don't know.

Good for you though.

Karen in VA

Betty said...

I love your tub! It is nice to see another space in your lovely home.

Stay warm!


The Queen Vee said...

Weather has a will and mind of it's own; I think the weather folks tried to do their best with the info they had with their predictions. They were right about New England, just not NYC and New Jersey. Oft times it seems like they're damned if they do and damned if the don't.

I'm relieved to know that you didn't get hit with 12-24 inches of snow. I'm also glad that you were prepared, it never hurts to be prepared.

I expect my guy to walk in the door later this evening.

Yeah, your tub rocks. Now I have tub envy.

Primroses Attic said...

Glad you have not got the storms.
Love your round tub.

tammy j said...

wonder if it works to keep a tornado away.
glad the worst has perhaps missed you. the wind is bad enough! xo

jusaweecatnap said...

Those of us near Philly were very lucky, with a very light snowfall. Thanks ever so much for the thing with the tub. Keep it up! Just out of curiosity, what would you have done with the water? I keep water in various jugs and plastic jars for emergency drinking, cleaning and flushing. I even have a couple of old ketchup bottles filled with water, for emergency handwashing (easy to grab and squirt over my hands that way, with little waste). Not sure how I'd manage a full bath/shower. I think I'd probably skip that as long as possible in an emergency. I keep plugging away at emergency supplies, but never really feel I've got all the bases covered. Every scenario requires a different response.

Content in a Cottage said...

justaweecatnap....The bathtub full of water would have been used mainly for flushing if there had been a power failure. Toilets don't work with a well and no electricity. They don't refill with water. During Superstorm Sandy, a full tub of water lasted me for 11 days with no power. I have a gas stove so I can still cook with no power.
I drained my tub this morning since we have bright sunshine. Yesterday I showered downstairs. I'm so glad to be back to normal.
xo, Rosemary

Gail, northern California said...

That picture of Mr. Webster should be printed and framed.

LANA said...

My son lives in Eastport on Long Island and they got 28 inches of snow with drifts up to 5 feet. Lucky though, the snow was light and fluffy so it did not weigh down the power lines and no one lost their electric or heat, being it was very windy (60mph) and cold.