Monday, January 26, 2015

Great Workspace with Cupboards

I like this setup very much. File drawers on the left with cupboard doors above. Built-in bookshelves on the right with drawers below. Two windows for daydreaming. Good light. Hopefully there's a hidden electrical outlet and the lamp indicates there is. Love it. via
My morning snow has stopped and it's getting brighter outside and the roads are black. The worst will happen tonight and tomorrow. So far, so good. Hope you can say the same. Be safe and warm. xo


tammy j said...

i love that small study space!
the windows make all the difference.
oh rosemary... they're calling it an historic storm.
god speed dear snow bunny!
stay safe and warm you three in your cozy little cottage. xoxo♥

Chrissy said...

This is just lovely - and that chair!!!
Happy Monday xxx

Susan said...

You be safe tonight and going forward. I am assuming you have all the provisions you need.

Kris Tabor said...

I am sure the room is amazing but I have eyes only for this chair!