Sunday, January 25, 2015

Every home needs a growlery.

I shall retreat to mine when the predicted 3-day storm with blizzard and 50mph winds arrives early next week. Every home needs a place for a self-imposed time out, right? Mine will be surrounded by things to make me snap out of it like books, a reading lamp, etc. It will be a happy place. via


The Queen Vee said...

I have a growlery, everyone should have one.

My husband is heading up to West Point, NY tomorrow along with some friends to be part of a seminar. He's suppose to come home Tuesday but I have a feeling he might not get home until Wednesday.

They are saying this is going to be a history making blizzard. I've decided that it's never a good thing to be part of history making weather events.

Glad to know your furnace is fixed and working. Hopefully today you bought a few more provisions. Please be careful, especially with the snow shoveling and also please keep us updated.


Donna said...

Hope you stay snug along with your dear pet companions! Keep us informed of the storm!

Karen said...

This just cracked me up! I think everyone needs a growlery someplace in their home.
Stay safe with this huge storm headed your way, my friend.

Colleen said...

I can't imagine you ever being out of sorts or in ill humor, but as you are human, those times are unavoidable, especially when there is very little anyone can do about the weather! Your posts reveal your unique perspective on the good and beautiful aspects of life. Such positivity! Please stay warm and safe in the storm.