Friday, December 12, 2014

So Many Christmas Wreaths

This ouse looks lovely, doesn't it? The owners even put a wreath on the garage! I'm such a failure at outside decorations and lately inside ones too. via


Gail, northern California said...

I'm beginning to think we decorate for others and if there are no "others", what's the point?

I'm absolutely certain that I decorated our house for my husband. Now that he's gone and it's only me, it's very difficult to muster up any enthusiasm for decorating.

Other aspects of Christmas...buying and wrapping gifts...still brings me joy so I do that. Just the other day I found this lovely little Christmas card that featured an original watercolor of a gold star with a red ribbon. I knew in an instant it was going to a little 14 year old girl and I was on a quest to find a tiny gold star charm. Rosemary, I could not believe my good fortune. I found one and you guessed it--tied it with a small strand of red satin ribbon. I was on Cloud Nine. THAT is Christmas for me now.

donna baker said...

Gave up decorating at the farm years ago. No one comes home for Christmas as we have to travel where the kids and grandkids are. It used to take me two weeks to decorate and now, I quite like not having to drag everything out nor put it back up.

Deb said...

What a darling house.

Anonymous said...

We used to do the whole "THING"!! for years! And we loved it all!

Now our children are in their forties and fifties...our grandchildren are all taller than I am....(7 of them!! ) And we had them all for Thanksgiving (not at our house....but all together for Thanksgiving beautifully done!); we LOVED IT!!!!

No kids at all for Christmas. so we are very lean on the Christmas is kinda nice....we and our dogs....we have 2 dogs and a "backup" (meaning three dogs) the "rule" was 2 dogs until a little rescue came for a "few days"! She slept on my husband's head....(author of the "rule") and never left his ankle; The third morning he said...."I am not changing the rule! Now we have two dogs and a back up!"
They don't miss having a tree and garlands everywhere!

Tee hee!!!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you three!!!

Linda Hartman said...

Dear, Rosemary. You shouldn't be apologetic about not decorating the outside of the Cottage. Mother Nature already has taken care of that. Just think about it. . . we bring evergreens and holly indoors as trimmings . . . so, why not simply enjoy them as they are outside of our homes. AND, while I am at it, I must say that one wreath is plenty. The Cottage is wrapped in its glorious fresh coat of paint, fence, too. It's spectacularly dressed for the holidays.