Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Up in Canterbury Cathedral

Isn't this a gorgeous photo? via 
I would much rather look up at this instead of a falling ball in Times Square. 
Teleport me there at midnight! 
Happy New Year!


donna baker said...

Maybe instead, I'll just sit home and look back at your blog posts.

The Queen Vee said...

Every year I look at those people on Times Square and think, thank goodness I'm not there. It is the last place I would want to be on New Years.

This is a very beautiful photo. I think it would make a great jigsaw puzzle. The reason I say that is every year we exchange a puzzle with good friends. The one they send us is always the most difficult one they can find. Two years ago it was a 1000 piece Jackson Pollocks "Convergence" which I have renamed, "Nightmare." I think this photo of the Canterbury ceiling, in puzzle form ,could be a challenge.