Saturday, November 1, 2014

White on White on White

I know it's too early for snow photos, but I love this white on white house. I'm very snug in my cozy cottage tonight. I'm so glad I did my freezer paper DIY vent covers. I worked upstairs most of the day moving things around like an ant. One of these days I'll get it like I want it. I did some real estate too. It was a good day. I've got a baked potato in the oven that's almost ready. I'm grateful for the extra hour of sleep I'll be getting tonight. Enjoy your evening. xo via


Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

the oven warms the house nicely and gives a nice surprise. Baked potato!
Sounds yummy. Glad the paper worked.
Have a nice Sunday!

helene said...

Lovely picture! All it needs is a deep red cardinal perched on the fence!

Karen said...

Since it never snows in my neck of the woods, I love seeing images like this. Of course I romanticize the idea of snow everywhere, I don't factor in the difficult driving conditions and shoveling snow. :-)