Monday, November 24, 2014

Transoms in a Bathroom

Two showers, side by side with overhead transoms for venting. Both have sliding barn doors. Love, love, love. via
Today was great. It was 72° and sunny after a rainy start this morning. The guys cleaned my gutters at 9:30 when the rain had just stopped. They used leaf blowers and it was somewhat messy because of the water, leaves, and the fine black sand from the roof shingles in the gutters. I have copper half rounds and it wouldn't have been so bad if the leaves were dry and crispy. I ended up hosing down my whole house after they left if you can imagine. It was actually fun. I have long hoses and good water pressure and it didn't take that long. Plus the outside of the house was still wet from the morning rain. I just couldn't stand dirty water stains on my pretty new white paint. It was a perfect day for being outside. I hosed down the balcony too and put away the furniture. I pulled the remaining thistles from a flower bed and raked leaves too. I might cut some grass tomorrow before it gets cold again on Wednesday. You have the seize the good weather days when they present themselves, don't you? I already have on my pjs and I'm ready to jump into bed. I actually had windows open all day long too. Webster is exhausted and so am I. See you tomorrow. xo


Gail, northern California said...

I want the recipe for whatever it is that you're drinking.

Betty said...

I love hearing about your activities around your cottage and what Webster and Tabitha are up to.
Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.

The Queen Vee said...

I don't blame you one bit for taking advantage of the summer like weather that we had this week. You certainly used the warm weather to the MAX leaving us, your loyal readers, in awe of your energy and accomplishments. You earned a good nights rest.

I worked in my yard too cleaning out planting beds and mowing the grass for the last time this year.

Today we were suppose to get our first snow storm but the temps have not gone along with that forecast and we are now getting a good soaking rain. I'm not ready for snow and the rain means I can get out and run a few errands. I'm thinking though, that you are probably going to get snow.

Yesterday Ken and I spent most of the day at Walter Reed Medical center where he had some oral surgery we ended up driving home in rush hour which was more torture than the surgery.