Monday, November 3, 2014

This New Day

This is very inspiring, isn't it? I love the bathroom shown below too. View more photos of this project, photos by Tim Ghie.


Gail, northern California said...

Love that iridescent tile work for the sink's lovely shimmering pieces of seashell. Even the fixtures are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You won't even believe this!

Please, somebody peel that plastic stickum label off that sink! (under the faucet!!) It is a "stuck-on plastic label!!) Just peel it off! Your sink will look so much better!

Honestly! They are on just about every sink...especially Kohler!

I have a cute story. Herbie Kohler was my husband's roommate at Choate.....and I sat next to him at dinner at their 50th reunion! I said...."I have a mission....I peel all those awful plastic things off your sinks and bathtubs!"

Why are they there? He said...."My father said people don't want our name permanently on their plumbing fixtures!) Fascinating...and correct!

Bravo Herbie!!!