Monday, November 10, 2014

Feeding the Birds = Feeding the Bear

I will not be feeding the birds this year. I actually stopped several years ago because the seeds were bringing mice. I'm especially concerned this year having seen evidence of a bear on my own property. These photos have convinced me I am making the right choice.


Gail, northern California said...

I've often thought that we're not doing wild animals any favors by feeding them. They come to rely on us as sources of food. Human are an unreliable lot anyway with their forgetfulness and then there's work, business trips, vacations, divorce, death...but they also have a tendency to think it's ok to feed deer Oreo cookies!

JudyMac said...

Maybe you could wait for the bear to hibernate for the winter ... and then put out a few seeds for the birds. I'm sure the birds would appreciate it. 😊

Anonymous said...

I am putting water out here in Santa Barbara for the bear; and the coyotes, and the bobcats.....and all the animals.....
Our creek which has run with water for 18 years is completely dry. There was a mountain lion. (cougar) in what was left of our pond (it is being lined as we speak)!

Here in Central and Southern California.....the animals are starving and dying of thirst.
I love the suggestion that when winter starts where you are; bears will hibernate; and your birds will need food!

Keep it up!!

Bears are wonderful animals, too! (We have a black bear....) right here in Montecito!!! He/she came down in an awful fire 4 years ago....and lives in the 45 acre nature preserve next to us. They have found "scat" and prints! I can't stand to think of them having no we put water out on the trail in the preserve.