Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cute Cat Hammock

I wonder what Tabitha would think about a table like this? It looks wonderful with a cat in it but I think it would look strange without one. via
I had some showings today at my new listing on a beautiful day. I threw out an impromptu open house sign and got some lookers off the street too. I had a really good time showing them around. I think I'll do the same thing for an hour or two tomorrow as well. Enjoy your evening. xo


Catherine said...

Without a cat in it... It would look like some sort of weird medical contraption, grandma forgot to take back to her room.

Jaybird said...

Cute picture, and the Posie cat would LOVE that table!!! We have a shelf in the center support of our kitchen table. On the shelf I keep a big basket of placemats. When the sun is shining in the big window beside the table, Posie hops into the basket and suns herself on the placemats. I always have to remember to keep an old towel at the top of the stack :^)
Thanks for a cute post!!