Monday, October 20, 2014

Sleep Time Comes Earlier and Earlier

I can't believe I'm already dressed for bed and it's not even 8:00. In the summer I stay up much later. There's just something about the dark that makes me want to go to bed. I have a few recorded programs to watch and I'll get an early start tonight. Isn't this basket of sleeping puppies the best? Tabitha is curled up in her basket and it's on my bed. That's how she likes to sleep these days. Enjoy your evening and I'll see you in the morning. via


helene said...

Picture of Tabitha in the basket on the bed?

Karen said...

What is it about sweet little sleeping animals...they just illicit a response of a smile and a huge sigh every time!
I'm with you Rosemary, once it gets dark early I want to be all snug in my sweats and socks and just enjoy a great British series or something equally entertaining.