Thursday, October 2, 2014

Historic House - Toured on Tuesday

Tuesday was a beautiful day for realtor open house tours as you can see from my iPhone photos.
The Holt Mansion circa 1855 on 2+ acres in historic Morris Township NJ.

Built by Dr. William Kitchell, a geologist and professor at Newark Institute.

It was later the residence of the American author and novelist, Frank R. Stockton. Stockton renamed the house "The Holt". He and A. B. Frost were neighbors and fast friends.

Theodore Roosevelt spent several summers here in the early 1870s. I could feel the history all around me. What a treat. 


donna baker said...

It must really be something to own with the Teddy Roosevelt history.

Karen said...

What a wonderful historic house. Are you watching the Roosevelt's series by Ken Burns? It's really fascinating.