Friday, September 26, 2014

Small Lake Cottage

Isn't this a sweet lake cottage? We aren't nearly this advanced but the maple trees in my woods are quite beautiful. Summer's back tomorrow and it's supposed to be 81° and that's a good thing. Have a great weekend. xo via


Gail, northern California said...

Earlier tonight we had sharp brilliant lightning, the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life---like the grand finale at a fireworks display. Then it was as though the heavens opened up with rain. Glorious rain. Hopefully it will travel inland to the King Fire that has scorched over 95,000 acres and give those weary firefighters a much-needed break.

donna baker said...

We've never had such a beautiful fall. It goes from hot (90degrees today) to cold. Guess we don't have all the reds and oranges. That lake house almost looks like a fishing hut they slide out when the lake ices over. It is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

HI! I love love love my egg cutter! (sorry for the complications)! Funny! we have bantam chickens; and teeny trying tomorrow to soft boil two and work it! I bet it works fine!

I can't even speak about the weather here. It is tragic.

Our pond is being lined (not tragic....expensive; and my husband who loves me sprang for the extreme expense.)

Water delivered (25,000 gallons) Tuesday???

The whole thing has taken longer than tomorrow!

I adore your blog! (as does everyone!!)