Monday, September 29, 2014

Classic Colonial Interior

It's only a peek, but I know I would love the rest. Living with antiques is the best, isn't it? via


Gail, northern California said...

Oh my gosh...Perfect, absolutely. Those have got to be 12-foot ceilings. Love the window treatment, drapes and hardware because those windows should be SEEN! Lovely the way the light plays across the room too.

I might cringe a little if those stairs got scuffed. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love the the curtains; love the the whole thing! Classic!

Beautiful classical stuff! You have a lot of it back east.....rarer here in California.....but you can, indeed find it!
Lovely post!

He Who Loves an Old House said...

Gorgeous! I live in a similar style home (built in 1805), and I still never grow tired of this architecture. It is absolutely stunning!

Kernal Ken said...

REALLY beautiful! I have never, I will never live in something this gorgeous but I can look and appreciate it....yummy eye candy with no weight gain.