Friday, August 29, 2014

Have A Happy Weekend

Isn't this the happiest dog face ever?

I wonder what Webster would do at this pool party? I named him because of his webbed feet and I thought he would be a water dog, but he isn't. Doesn't this look like a fun pool party for these water lovers? via

Enjoy the long weekend. xo


penelopebianchi said...

this is the most fun post EVER! I will save it! In case I have a "blue day" I will click on it!

I think they are all labs! Hilarious! and those dogs love water!

Long ago my Standard Poodle saw a duck at a lake.....(our family had a house at Lake Arrowhead in California); and leaped into the lake......chasing the duck.....we had to rescue her in a boat! If we hadn't had a boat I am afraid she would have drowned chasing that duck!!)

Dogs are wonderful aren't they?


The Queen Vee said...

Doggy pool party, hilarious.

The Cloth Shed said...

Love that! Miss Ottie would be in her element. A real water girl....
Julie x