Thursday, July 17, 2014

Webster is Back to Normal Today.

I'm happy to report that today he's back to being his old self. Here is with his paw wrist on an ice bag and keeping it there. He's such a good patient. When he goes down, he goes down hard and then all of a sudden he's perfect again. He never lost his appetite over the past couple of days and he drank plenty of water so I wasn't too worried. We've been down this path many times. I think I'm going to have to start walking him on a leash so he doesn't over exert himself chasing rabbits and such. He is finally able to get comfortable and walk around without a limp. He has a lot of sleep to catch up on now that he can get comfortable on his beds. 
We had the most beautiful weather today with low humidity and a nice breeze with no need for air conditioning. I'm looking forward to getting a good night's sleep without having to get up and check on the wonder dog. I'm way behind on my tv shows too. I hope I can stay awake to watch at least a couple of programs before dreamland calls me. xo


Susan Freeman said...

I am so glad to hear that Webster is on the mend!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

tammy j said...

oh what good news.
for you both!!!
his smile says it all.
i'm watching part 2 of a midsomer murders tonight. so love bbc.

tammy j said...

just browsed back a few posts and re-read...
saw where wonder dog is ALREADY not getting on the new sofas even when you're not there.
is he amazing or WHAT!
oh webster. what a love he is.
you two just make me happy.
i mean you three.
sorry tabitha!

Candice said...

Brave boy.

Karen said...

I'm so happy to hear Webster is good as new. What a great dog.

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

Excellent news. It sounds like walking him on a leash will be a good idea. I think it's just not possible to take those chase instincts away.

He's just so sweet and a great companion.

Karen in VA

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful old chap he is. How old exactly?

Content in a Cottage said...

Webster was 12 in April in people years.
Have a great weekend.
xo, Rosemary

Anonymous said...

Hello Rosemary,

What a lovely dog you have. It must be your best friend!!!
I hope he is feeling well.
Have a nice weekend,


Lauren Scheuer said...

Awwww Webster! xo!

LANA said...

Glad to hear Webster is back to his old self. My Boston, Dudley, does the same thing every now and then and it takes sometimes a week for him to stop limping when he over exerts himself.