Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I see faces.

I walk by this old cut branch on my black walnut tree every day and yesterday I noticed this face for the first time.

I cooked a baked potato for my lunch a couple of days but didn't have the heart to pick this one that seemed to be winking at me.
Both of these faces have the same crooked smile. Isn't that amazing? I opened my bedroom windows last night and enjoyed a great night's sleep. It wasn't too hot, as I thought it might be. So far, the summer nights have been comfortable enough to turn off the air conditioning. I have a handy man coming this morning to help me with some inside repairs downstairs. Wish me luck! xo


Bonnie said...

Love the smiles! Oh I have a couple of workers coming today. There is always something needing work! Have a wonderful 4th . Bonnie

Karen said...

I see faces in all kinds of things too. My office has tiles and there is one that I can see a dog's face in it!