Friday, July 11, 2014

An Ad for My Welch Air Flight Circulator Fan

Now I love mine even more.
Beautifully styled Welch Air-Flight Circulators solve the problem by making offices amazingly comfortable too. Watch office efficiency go up! • Welch Air-Flight Circulators draw in the cool air from the coolest part of the room — just above thefloor level — and circulate it to ... W. W. WELCH COMPANY Department O Cincinnati 2.

Webster approved. The weather is nice and cool this morning after an early evening storm yesterday. I've been moving my vintage round floor fan around from room to room to circulate the fresh air that's coming in the house through the screens. I finally got my attic windows washed inside and out yesterday and put in the last three screens. They were all taken out last September when my house was painted and I left them in the loft over the garage for the winter. I love open windows much better than air conditioning. Webster likes A/C better so he's very happy about having "his" fan again. Happy Friday.


Anonymous said...

My grandmother had something like this, perhaps the same brand. As kids, we all like to sit on it. I wish houses in America were designed to take advantage of cool evening air with strategically placed windows. I'm not a fan of ac, nor of heat and humidity.

The Queen Vee said...

I couldn't survive without AC here in Virginia but whenever I can, low humidity and lower temp days, I open the windows.

Your fan is well designed and well made. The electrical products made today are made to break so that we'll have to buy them again. I love that you found and posted the ad for your Welch Air Flight circulator.