Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tabitha Has Changed Her Bed

     The hand-painted bird tiles were purchased in England in 1975. Each one is different and perfect for cat cooling on a hot summer day. I designed this custom tray for the tiles and had it built by a talented craftsman years ago. It's perfect as a topper for my bedside table and doubles as a cat nest lately.
     I'm happy to report that I have finally mowed the front yard and surrounds! I finished last night about 8:00 pm -- I call it moonlight mowing as I never mow in bright sun. At the end of the day all of the moisture from the morning dew has dried out and I actually enjoy the task at hand when the sun is on its way down.
     Everything looks so nice after a mowing marathon. I still have to mow over some thick grass clippings in the back. This method is easier than raking in my opinion. So far, it has been a lazy Sunday here at the cottage. Hope you can say the same.
     I marked the 18th century blue cottage "Under Contract" yesterday. I'll be glad when the inspections are over and I can get back to normal.


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The Queen Vee said...

Loved reading the story about the bird tiles and the tray. There have been many days this past week when I could have used a tile tray to cool down in, high temps and high humidity are wearing.

How wonderful about the blue cottage contract, I hope this charming home passes it's inspection with flying colors. Those inspectors always seem to find something that has to be fixed though. Well done Rosemary.