Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cat in England who rides the bus

This elderly English cat named Artful Dodger recently moved to a house that backs up to a bus stop. Being very friendly, he started hanging around the passengers waiting for the bus and they eventually started bring scraps of food for him. It wasn't long before he started boarding the bus and sitting on their laps. He sometimes makes 10 mile round trips and never gets lost because everyone knows where to let him off. If nobody is waiting for the bus and he wants to take a ride, he sits in the middle of the road and waits for one to pick him up. Full story here.


North Shore Bungalow said...

So adorable!!!

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

Isn't this just too cute. Thanks

Karen in VA

Bonnie said...

Loved this story! Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

What a fun story. I love a marmalade cat.