Monday, May 26, 2014

Great Outside Shower

Outdoor showers are already in full swing in certain areas. Memorial Day weekend heralds the beginning of the summer season. This is a really nice one, isn't it? xo via Enjoy your holiday.


Mama Pea said...

That is just GREAT! And doesn't look like it would be too hard to construct either. What a fantastic idea.

Gail, in northern California said...

I watched the final episode of Mad Men" last night and of course the last of "Mr. Selfridge" the Sunday before. I'm at loose ends for PBS viewing. Any suggestions, Rosemary? Anything I might have missed? Surely they haven't left us high and dry until this fall?

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

The Honey was just saying how he'd like to have a shower near the back door for rinsing off after working outside or having a dip in the pool!
I like the looks of this one for sure.