Friday, March 28, 2014

Snowdrops, Transplanted

In between rain showers, I dug up those snowdrops at the edge of the woods and transplanted them.

I look out on this part of the brick wall from my "catbird seat" in the living room. As I find more, I will continue the line until I have a row all the way to the end. Next spring it will be beautiful.
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Anonymous said...

I'd love to plant these in my own pretty!

Anonymous said...

Every year in late winter I think I should plant an early Spring garden to look longingly at while the snows melt. This is a lovely garden you've planted. I'd like to see it planted with Crocuses and Grape Hyacinthes, too. I planted some snowdrops way out in the back, which I can barely see from the house. I think I, too, need to transplant them closer in. I actually put a lot of bulbs in pots thinking I could move them around as they bloom and fade, but they're quite slow in coming up. The ones in the ground are doing better.

mzzbev said...

Oh I so wish I could find these, what a great idea! Happy Spring!

Karen said...

I wish I could grow those lily of the valley flowers.
Will they multiply and naturalize?

Content in a Cottage said...

Karen....The snowdrops spread like wild fire and they are perfect for naturalizing. The same is true of Lily of the Valley if they are planted in the right location. They like shade. Snowdrops seem to do best in the sun or bright shade.
Snowdrops are small bulbs. The clumps are very easy to divide.
Lily of the Valley spread underground and their babies are called pips.
Happy gardening.
xo, Rosemary