Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lily of the Valley

I took this photo last year and I really babied my lily of the valley to urge them to spread. I won't be seeing them anytime soon because there is still about 4" of snow in their garden spot in front along my brick wall. I have snow drops coming up in another location on the other side of the drive way near the spruce trees. They are in the bud stage and haven't opened. I found another big patch in the woods where I throw my weeds. I'm going to dig them up and plant them where I can see them. It's a gray cloudy day and we are supposed to get snow after midnight but not too much, they say. Fingers crossed.
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Linda said...

Love the Lily of the Valley...
We just had a blizzard blow thru! Geesh!
Come on Spring!
Linda :o)

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

The photo is charming ... I just love those little bells on Lily of the Valley ... late spring is usually a good one I think. They are waiting for you too.

Karen in VA

Karen said...

I remember this Lily of the Valley image from last year...it inspired me to try my hand at growing them. The little bulbs never came up. :-( I will try again, but meanwhile, I'll enjoy seeing your healthy plant.

Erin said...

I also love lily of the valley but boy do they spread! You don't need to encourage too much. They go crazy on their own. Mine keep trying to take over the lawn.

Content in a Cottage said...

Karen in VA
It will be a while before they emerge...maybe even as late as Easter but that will be fine.
I just finished the Vanity Fair article on Bunny Mellon and loved every word. And the slideshow of her gardens and garden rooms are fabulous. I know you have probably seen but here's the link just in case: