Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Good Tuesday Morning

Here is a photo that should definitely cheer you up this morning. Thanks, Michelle, one of my Instagram followers. islandgirl701

Here is the reality of the moment from karen_in_va. She found this photo of a theater in Illinois on Pinterest and posted to her Instagram. Love it.

My skunk cabbage is not deterred in the least by the frozen earth in my woods. It's actually a mini greenhouse and when this pod opens a little more, it will attract a small flying insect that will live inside the warm shelter to assist in the pollination of this bizarre wetland plant. Keep the faith for spring is indeed on its way. I took this photo yesterday. xo
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Anonymous said...

The skunk cabbage is fascinating. There is hope that Spring will come. So glad our area didn't get much snow yesterday either.
On a completely different note, I just stumbled on a site that does "royal" pictures of pets. It's a hoot: regalbeagle dot net
Miss Tabitha would look lovely in jewels...

Stella said...

The Theater Marquee is priceless and the Skunk Cabbage looks as if it is sticking it's tongue out to Old Man Winter. Thanks for posting these.