Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Farmhouse Love

This is a drive-by photo of the farmhouse that goes with the green barns. It is painted pale yellow. The farm buildings I featured yesterday are to the far left with a good bit of yard between the house and the shed. The previous owners had chickens. I hope the new owners do too. We had a glorious day yesterday as you can see from the beautiful blue sky.

One rooster and five hens.

This is a photo I took inside the barn of the beautiful white rooster. See other photos of the old owners' poultry here.
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Anonymous said...

this all is so very charming it warms my heart. What lovely homes and farms you have in view on your various neighborhood routes.
Happy day

The Queen Vee said...

I agree with Linda!!!!

Ann said...

I've commented here once before, just to tell you that I love the style of your blog and your photos.
The yellow farmhouse, like much of the architecture you share so reminds me of growing up in Middleburg VA. So lovely.