Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Before There Were Birth Certificates

This is a framed birth record I have hanging on my wall in the living room. I bought it from a New Jersey dealer about 35 years ago and still love it. It is a page from a family Bible recording the 18th century birth date of all the family members. Someone kept it up until 1834 and then the record keeping fell by the wayside.

Here is a closer look. Isn't thehe penmanship exquisite? This also falls into the folk art category because of the folky angel and decorative flourishes across the top. It's a wonderful glimpse into 18th century family record keeping.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Rosemary,
I love this post. Jemima and Mary passed away a couple of days apart if I'm reading this correctly. I wonder if they passed of old age or both came down with influenza or some other ailment. Thanks for posting! Sara

Loris Glassworks said...

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing.
Lori in Atlanta

Content in a Cottage said...

Anon...Jemima and Mary passed away in different years. Jemima in 1784 and Mary in 1834.
xo, Rosemary

tammy j said...

am i just a broken record?
how i love this blog.
what daily smiles it brings to me.
you are a treasure.
whether i comment on each one or not...
rest assured i'm enjoying them to no end!