Monday, February 24, 2014

Winslow Homer - Happy Birthday

Flower Garden and Bungalow, Bermuda 1899

Winslow Homer (American 1836-1910). He was considered to be one of the greatest painters of the 19th century. Photo Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art
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Cathy said...

Before I say anything else about anything else, I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. And you are absolutely right, you have never bored me.
I get a giggle about you and all your favourite TV shows. Though I have TVs (yes, plural) I don't have cable or satellite so haven't watched TV in over five years. My computer is too old to get much from TV on it so have not been able to watch PBS which means "Downton Abbey". Oh no, oh my! Someday maybe!
You were the first person I saw using Waterlogue and the rest of the blogosphere has caught up. I could see how you had got better with time and what would make a great watercolour and what wouldn't. Most others from what I've seen on Pinterest haven't caught up to your expertise yet.
Think Tabitha and Webster are just great. I have never had a dog but have always had cats. Current furbaby is Muggles who was bequeathed to me by my sister before she passed away five years ago.
I'm wishing I was sitting out on your balcony with your furbabies and having a sun bath.
I've learned the oddest things from you. Can't think of any off-hand but they were fun and I've followed most of your links (if this blasted computer lets me).
Like your excerpts from "Life's Little Instruction Book | Volume II".
What got me going today was your "Happy Birthday, Winslow Homer". I've heard of him but always thought he was kind of folksy, kind of country-ish - that kind of artist. And I'm not overly keen on any of that. Love this particular picture - the colour, the scene, everything.
Hope you enjoy what's left of your evening. I'm off to google to have a look at more of Winslow Homer.
All the best,
(London, Canada in SW Ontario)

Anonymous said...

And Happy Birthday, yesterday, to the beloved musical genius, George Friedrich Handel, born 1685. Winslow Homer is one of America's truly great, yet ( imo)
under-appreciated visual artists. The image you have shown is one of his finest and a personal favorite of mine. How colorfully welcome on a gray East Coast winter's day!
Diane in Denver

Anonymous said...

You have chosen one of the happiest, most colorful of all of Homer's wonderful works here & I thank you. How perfect to lift spirits in the long, unusually cold NJ winter. Happy Birthday as well to the magnificent Baroque composer, George Frideric Handel, born 1685.