Thursday, February 20, 2014

Waiting for The Rain

This was my biggest project of the day. I had to dig through this snow bank in case the big rains come as predicted. Now the water coming down the driveway will have someplace to go other than in my house. Webster is thrilled. Water usually seeks the lowest point and this is lower than my front walk. The highest point in the snow bank was up to my neck.

These storm clouds started rolling in about 4:30 this afternoon. The weather app on my phone says there is a 50% to 60% chance of rain tonight and there will be thunderstorms tomorrow. It's going to be warm tonight too with a low of only 36° so the roof and gutter melting will continue. I honestly hope it waits until tomorrow to rain so I can pace up and down and run in and out to check on things. See you tomorrow. xo
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Wendy Louise said...

What a beautiful picture of the storm clouds and what a view you have, I see why you are Content in your Cottage! You are such a wonderful person Rosemary , you delight me everyday, you know we are friends for life. Thank-you for all you share ! oxox Wendy

Anonymous said...

That's quite a channel you cut, wow. I'm sure sick of shoveling, and I dread the rain tomorrow. Our gutters are clogged with ice and so all the melting snow, and rain, are gushing all over the place. Spring can't come soon enough for me.

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

Oh, you have been a busy women these last few weeks. Can you tell your biceps have grown?

I am in awe ... and isn't Webster just the cutest ... prancing along the path.

Let's hope for an easy snow melt; I've heard predictions of record flooding. Some are not as safe as you.

Good Luck ... I know what you mean, prancing in the daylight. I remember when hurricanes and nor'easters came, I wanted them not to come at night.

Karen in CT

Catherine said...

It looks nice, but it is a lot of snow for me, not used to it!
The pictures with the geese are beautiful too.

The Queen Vee said...

I hope your rain held off until this morning. I know it hasn't started here yet. Rain is predicted all along the whole East coast today. Our snow has been melting all week due to warmer temps but it's going slowly enough so that my sump pump has not kick on.

My son Chris has been driving across the country this week to UT. He started out yesterday in Hays, KS with blizzard conditions and icy roads. He said he saw semi-trucks sliding sideways down I-70. Thankfully he made it safely to Boulder, CO.

Now about that channel you dug through the plowed snow...WOW. I know that was no easy task so I hope it does exactly what you planned for it to do concerning snowmelt and rain water.

Hoping you don't have to do any pacing today Rosemary due to weather related problems.

Content in a Cottage said...

Karen in VA....So far, so good today. It did rain overnight but it was a soft rain with mild temps. The snow seems to be evaporating. I hope today does the trick before the deep freeze comes back. I just take it one day at a time and do what I can. It's Mother Nature's way of making me exercise when I can't walk my property.
xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

Anonymous...I feel your pain. My gutters are still frozen too but they've melted enough to handle a slow melt. I was tempted to use my heat gun on the ice but decided against it. Here is something you can do. I read on the internet that you can cut the legs off panty hose and fill them with calcium chloride and tie off the ends. Lay them in a line across your frozen gutters if you dare climb on a ladder and the ice will melt. This would be a good thing to do if you have a ranch house. I have copper gutters and I was afraid of the chemical reaction. So I'm just letting Mother Nature melt mine. Good luck. xo, Rosemary

Kleurrijk said...

I hope very much you will be allright. I am a little bit worried when I read your story.

Karen said...

I think I forget there is hard work where snow build up is concerned. I'm in SoCal and always wishing I lived where it snowed, but you do work hard for that beauty sometimes. I hope your rain is soft and helps with the melt.

Anonymous said...

I love those geese; and I love the "team mentality" of so many animals! They were going to find that last goose!

That is lovely! And so are you and Webster; and Tabitha!

Lovely! Delightful, insightful, and a terrific TEAM!!!


Anonymous said...

You people who live where it snows like this are so brave......and you never have to go to a gym!
Rosemary! You dug that enormous thing through the snow?

Webster was so proud of you! (it shows in his tail!!!)