Friday, February 14, 2014

The Morning After the Second Storm

We got another several inches overnight but it's warm and a big melt is underway. I had to take the animals out and show them there was a sheltered place for them to "go" in the grove of evergreens that protect my cottage from the road. I had Tabitha in my arms and she immediately knew what to do when I put her down. Webster wasn't about to go in there behind her so he dug himself another path farther up the driveway. Success!!

I took this photo when I first got up from my bedroom window. The "snow people" are buried. I hope you all are in the process of digging out and don't have any horror stories to report. I have a busy day of digging out my balcony ahead of me. My car is covered again but I don't even care. I don't need to go anywhere, so I'll just let the sun melt it for me. See you later. Webster is whimpering to be fed. xo
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helene said...

Just LOVE letting the sun melt it...IF possible!

Anonymous said...

I yearn to see the snowdrops. A few more days, then we'll see some warmer temps, and we'll all rejoice!