Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday morning coffee

Here's what I'm drinking at the moment, hot coffee in my favorite cup with soy milk. I'm still loving the Waterlogue App for transforming my photos into watercolors. I'll see you a little later with the cover of the Clans and Tartans book and the pages for MacDonald per special request from Heather. What a perfect Scottish name! xo
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c. Joy said...

Thanks for introducing us to Waterlogue. I'm having fun with it. I'm enjoying hot chocolate this afternoon. Sorry, no pix.

Cristina said...

Dear Rosemary, Content in a Cottage is the first thing I read every morning and the last before going to bed. I like it so much!!! Being so far away, in a country shaken by immense difficulties, I read your posts and look at the wonderful pictures and they make me feel better. Thank you very much!!! All my love to you, and Webster, and Tabitha.
Cristina Speluzzi (Buenos Aires, Argentina)