Monday, February 3, 2014

Snowday for Webster

We got at least 8" of snow today. We are both glad it finally stopped so we could get plowed out and shovel our walk. I'm always happy when the snow doesn't continue into the night. Today was a perfect snow day for Webster and me. Tabitha went out but didn't stay long. She isn't a fan.
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LANA said...

I'm not a big fan of snow, either (except at Christmas). However, I am a big fan of Webster. Have a warm night. Did you watch Downton Abbey last night? (silly question, I know). The young ladies certainly are misbehaving, aren't they? And I am just busting for justice to be done for poor Anna Bates.

Anonymous said...

Eight inches! That is a serious return of snow. We had only a few of the sort of flakes that make a big wet plop and the rest of precip was rain which I welcomed for it washed my car for me.
I must say, Webster looks none to pleased with your latest snowfall. I have a feeling he will be snuggling into bed early this evening.