Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow People

The snow arm on the right started to melt but froze before it could break off and fall to the ground. That's how cold it is!! I went out the back door with Webster after he ate his supper yesterday and waited while he walked all the way to the rear of the property and back for the first time in weeks. I still can't go with him because of the ice layer that caves in and makes walking so difficult. I was finally able to get close to these chairs for a head-on shot instead of a photo from my upstairs window. Be safe. Stay warm. I'm off to an office meeting this morning. xo
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Mama Pea said...

Delightful images the snow brought you! It really looks as if a person crafted the snow people relaxing in your chairs. Mother Nature is pretty talented, isn't she?

Jan Tanis said...

Cute snow people - love the pix!!

Anonymous said...

It certainly looks as if your snow people are attempting to get a little tan.