Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snow People Are Gone

I still have a lot of snow on my roof and my front gutters are frozen but they are a lot better than a few days ago. My back gutters have melted because they get the morning sun. Each time I look at the weather, something has changed. Now I see we will have rain changing to snow tonight. I simply can't worry about it any more! Whatever will be, will be. The snow people were disgusted too so they left. 
Are you looking forward to Downton Abbey tonight? It really is the season finale and I can't imagine how they are going to wrap things up. It will be exciting, for sure.

Here's an enhanced version of my happy cottage using Snapseed. I posted this photo for you several days ago. The icicles have all melted and so has the snow around the outside light fixture that is forming the nose and mouth of the cottage happy face. 
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Rachy said...

Sad to see the snow people have left, Rosemary. :(

But such a lovely picture of your happy cottage :) x

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

.. oh that is a lovely snapseed photo ... yes I agree, at some point you just have to give in and have confidence you can deal with whatever comes along.

Karen in VA

Content in a Cottage said...

Karen in VA...Thanks. I think I have mastered using Snapseed directly from my iPhone. I saw your comment on Instagram about changing the channel in the middle of Downton Abbey because you were too nervous. Go ahead and watch the second half. You will love how everything was handled. WOW.

Karen said...

Did the snow people say they would come back this year? I'm sure they were great guests but you may be happy to see them gone. Spring can't be too far away.