Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Red Barn Complex with Windmill

I took this photo yesterday with my iPhone without my feet touching the ground. Yes, I was in my car! This delightful farm is near my cottage and I never tire of driving past. I had been taking a few pictures at The Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and had to drive by this pastoral setting coming and going. It was on the driver side on my way home. It has everything, doesn't it? A partially frozen pond with an aerating fountain in the center that is actively working in spite of the cold weather. Look closely and you will see the spray. I especially love the windmill and the long barn complex is fabulous. Swoon. I put this on Instagram too but the top and bottom were cropped because of the square format used there. 
We had a gray day up until just recently. I was sure it was going to snow but it never did. It's still being forecast for tomorrow morning but just a dusting. I've got my TV evening all set up. It's PBS all night -- Pie in The Sky, Father Brown, Scott and Bailey. I'm looking forward to all three English programs. Can't wait! xo
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The Queen Vee said...

You take the best iPhone photos other than my son who I am rather partial to, this one is stunning.

Content in a Cottage said...

Victoria...Thank you so much. The conditions were perfect and so was the scene. I only took one photo and I love it too. It won't be as pretty in the summer when there are leaves on the trees hiding the barn.
xo, Rosemary

White Lace and Promises said...

I love a barn. I wish I lived in one-a totally renovated one, of course. We have one here that was converted into a great home. It's on a farm too. Great place, a little piece of God's country.

Sharon Hermens said...

Good Evening, Rosemary. I so love your pictures and your stories of life way up there in New Jersey.
Here in the DFW area of TX we've had some lovely warm weather-a spring teaser. It has turned cold again and we have possible sleet forcast.
We will start up the wood stove tomorrow to rid the chill.
I tuned in to our PBS station and apparently we have a different line up. We don't have any of the shows that you listed tonight. Right now they are showing "American Experience" and after that "Frontline". Bummer!
Have a wonderful evening.
Sharon from Arlington, TX

Content in a Cottage said...

Sharon...We get more than one PBS stations up here. Right now I get three. One is from New York and it was the one that had the programs you listed. The other two are New Jersey Public Broadcast Stations. Before I downsized my cable access, I used to get even more PBS stations, somewhere between 5 and 7 of them. You might be able to get the programs I listed online if you dig deep. Other readers have found Father Brown and Scott & Bailey on their computers. Good luck. xo, Rosemary