Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kerr - Clan and Tartan

There is no rhyme or reason to the pages I will feature from this little book of mine. I just like this particular tartan this sunny Saturday morning.

The Crest Badge is nice too -- The sun in his splendour. Motto: Late but in earnest. Oh dear, but at least the Kerrs have an excuse for always being late. Question -- Do report cards still have a section for tardiness these days, as mine did? Have a great weekend.
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tammy j said...

oh i'm so enjoying your tartan posts!
and the little running dog is perfect. he's so joyful!

Anonymous said...

Too bad my name isn't Kerr--I like the motto. I may adopt it anyway. Hope to see more tartans and stories (have some Scottish ancestry).

Heather said...

Could I get the name of the book? Also, is MacDonald (Clanranald/Glenaladale) or Gillies in there? I'm researching my family tree! haha