Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Webster's Watercolors

I remember this day well. It was a nice summer day 2-1/2 years ago when I had a cottage in town under contract. I had to go over to wait for a home inspector and I took my mother and Webster with me. We sat on the front stoop to wait for the man and watched the locals walk up and down the street, with and without dogs. Webster was an angel. He never left the yard and was so happy as you can see from the expression on his face.

I should have doctored up the original a little bit to decrease the contrast so his eyes would show. I just wanted to show you some of the available choices. He looks so happy in all of them. I had an office meeting this morning and all of the agents were so excited when I showed them the watercolors of my listing. I had to make a few for the manager so he could post them on one of his listings too. Nobody could believe how easy it was! Love that Waterlogue app.
Stay warm. Looks as if we are all cold together on the east coast! I heard about the ice and snow in Birmingham, Alabama....I used to live there when I was young. Very tough for those of you not used to driving in it. Stay home and be warm. xo
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Bonnie said...

Rosemary, I am going to check this app. It sounds wonderful! Hopefully we will be getting a bit (above freezing) warmer later this week. Sending Webster a big hug! Bonnie

Abi said...

I'm going to check this app out too! it looks great!
I love that Webster is smiling!

Susan said...

Love these photos and we are loving the App. Thank you for recommending it!

Karen said...

I must say, I'm having so much fun with this app...thank you, it's like Christmas! Have you printed any of these yet? Do you print on heavier stock? I'm thinking I would like to frame one of my doggies.

Anonymous said...

Rosemary, my sister is visiting, and I showed her your blog. She downloaded the waterlogue app on her Ipad, and we are having great fun with it! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. This has given us much entertainment since we are snowed in here!