Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday Night TV

This moving image is very hypnotic, isn't it? I stated awake last night for all of Sherlock but turned the TV off before watching all of the behind the scenes part. I loved it. I want to watch it again on my iPad or computer so I can read the text messages, notes on small scraps of paper, and the other "type" on the screen. My flatscreen in my bedroom isn't very big and I miss out on anything that has to be read. FYI, Watson's fiancé is Martin Freeman's real-life partner. How nice! I thought she looked familiar and just found out she played Isobel Brown, one of the bridesmaids in Doc Martin 2007. I like her and think she's a great addition to the cast, don't you?
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Anonymous said...

She looked familiar to me too. I don't remember her in Doc Martin, but I know I've seen her. I do like her. Somehow I like her slightly off-balance face. Interesting Sherlock, but a little too much emphasis on their relationship. If you didn't know about Guy Fawkes Day, I wonder if you'd get that part of it. They don't explain for those of us on this side of puddle. I knew about it and picked up on it when the kids walked by with their stuffed "Guy" but that scene went by in a flash. Made me wonder what else I might have missed not being British. I always miss out on some of the dialogue, quite a bit actually.

Content in a Cottage said...

She was the bridesmaid that had an accident on Doc Martin. You can turn on "closed captioning" if you are good at reading subtitles to help you understand what they are saying. I know what you mean about not understanding things like GF Day. I love Sherlock even though some of it is very complicated.
xo, Rosemary