Friday, January 10, 2014

Snow, Rain, Fog Today

We had fast and furious snow this morning that stopped after a couple of hours and a couple of inches. I was able to sweep it away with a stiff broom. It has gotten warmer and now my bluestone walk is a sheet of ice. Yes, I'll be careful. It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. The fog is starting to roll in and it's quite lovely; I've always loved fog as long as I'm not driving in it. Webster and I just got back from the longest walk he's been able to manage so far this week. He gets a little better every day and pretty soon he'll be back to his Wonder Dog status. He doesn't know how to pace himself and when he overdoes it, he pays the price. Poor guy. His nose is cold and he has a great appetite but I know he's not 100% yet. He's got a few more days to go. Have a great weekend.
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Anonymous said...

Give Webster a love from me. I am so happy he is mending but not surprised to find that he is for he lives with you.

Juniper said...

Keep Warm and safe m'dear! I am also glad Wonder Dog is on the mend! <3