Monday, January 13, 2014

I am Sherlocked. Are you?

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Barb_in_GA said...


Karen in VA (was CT) said...

Cool ... no Sherlock for me, too much suspense, I hate that I'm that way.

I'm the Doc Martin type. Haven't watched DVR'd Downton yet, had to watch Golden Globes. Did you watch? The real Philomena Leigh appeared live.

Karen in VA

Content in a Cottage said...

Karen VA
Yes, I watched the GG until about 9:30 then I switched to the Good Wife. I saw the real Philomena. I haven't watched Downton yet either.
xo, Rosemary

Anonymous said...

Here I was going to comment on Downton till I read your comment so I won't say what my reaction was, except most of it is fun, glittery, costume drama in a beautiful setting.
And yes, can't wait for Sherlock, as I keep being frustrated by various aspects of Downton (which hasn't kept me from watching every episode three or four times then complaining loudly to my husband, who couldn't care less about DA). But the new Sherlock is loads of fun. I never had any interest really in the older versions.
Karen, even though I love Sherlock, I couldn’t watch Broadchurch because it starts with a child dying. Way too sad for me. I watched The Bletchley Circle and was practically screaming at the TV trying to save the women. Terrifying, but I loved the series. Funny how we all have our sensitivities. I usually hate the gritty reality mystery shows, but sometimes the characters and plots are so fascinating I put up with the gore. No interest in GG.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am SHERLOCKed. Can't wait until Sunday for the new season to begin!