Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dr. Webster is so smart.

The wisdom of my dog is absolutely amazing. Webster was limping a little this morning on his left paw and he knew exactly what to do.

He arranged his blue blanket and his stuffed zebra just right in a pile.

How did he know to elevate it? Anyway, ever since he fixed himself, he's been sleeping peacefully. Before that he would whimper almost inaudibly every once in a while.
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Mama Pea said...

That's a little unbelievable. You really do have a Wonder Dog!

Content in a Cottage said...

Mama Pea .. Poor Webster. It's not easy being an old dog. He has a different ailment every day. He pays the price when he runs and jumps like the young puppy he once was. I'm letting him rest today and I'm babying him so he can bounce back. So far, he always does. Fingers crossed. I saw him jump over a fallen branch in the woods like a circus dog a couple of days ago so maybe he has a slight sprain. It only hurts when he stands on it....not when I move it around manually while he's lying down. I'm not too worried.
xo, Rosemary

Kathy said...

I feel as if I know you and Webster, I see you both daily.
Webster is such a dear. I love your blog and your style

Anonymous said...

Dear Webster,

I am so sorry to hear you have a sore paw. Aren't you are smart boy to stay off it and rest it on your zebra. I hope mom is giving you a few extra treats while you recover. OXOXO

Bonnie said...

Bless him! So smart! Willie and I send wishes for a quick recovery.

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

Aw ... sweet Webster ... do they have doggie Motrin? Well, it's probably hard on their tummy.

We send kisses ...

Karen in VA

Karen said...

Webster never ceases to amaze...I'm so happy he's resting well and finding some relief.

Take care Webster, sweetest dog ever!
Xo, Karen

Anonymous said...

Sweet Webster, I know just how it feels. Seems I'm always nursing some ache or pain these days.

tammy j said...

he is amazing! i think webster is mostly human. only he kept the very best dog parts.
when my zeke's back legs became too painful with arthritis for him to walk ... the vet put him on glucosamine chondroitin ... but he monitored him closely.
zeke after even just a few days was almost his old self again! you might see about it for webster. sorry! miss bossybody here. just ask and you shall receive what she thinks!
oh wait.
you didn't ask! LOLOL. xo

Content in a Cottage said...

Tammy J....
Webster has been on glucosamine chondroitin for some time and it's made a huge difference in his mobility. Some days he thinks he's a puppy again and when he over does it, he pays the price. He knows when to rest and recharge his battery. He's a very good patient. I never worry about him as long as he has a good appetite.
xo, Rosemary

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, that is so adorable. He is precious! Dogs amaze me every single day.

tammy j said...

i should have known your answer ahead of time dear heart!!!
never were two little animals better cared for than tabitha and webster the wonder dog.
and I just read his progress report. YAYYYY!
XO and ♥ to you three.