Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dark Blue Skies and Free Bird Seed at My Cottage

This was the dark blue cloudless sky over the cottage this morning. The rusty colored tall foliage that fringes my property is a wonderful food source for the birds in this frigid weather.

Bird tracks in the snow. My tall weeds are in this area and the birds are eating the seeds. I never thought of them as a food source until this year. When I went out with Webster after breakfast there was lots of birdsong in the air and it really sounded like spring even though it was very cold. There were birds hopping around everywhere foraging for seeds. I have an endless supply too. The tall weeds on the bank and all around my property provide good cover for the small birds so they can eat in peace and not worry about the hawks.
Enjoy your evening and I'll see you tomorrow. xo
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Anonymous said...

Those bird tracks are so cool, I bet it was beautiful there this morning.
Thanks for sharing.
Janie Horn

tammy j said...

i'm so glad to hear that.
it does my heart good.