Friday, January 17, 2014

Antiquarian Map of British Isles 1807

A large folio hand-colored map of the British Isles in my living room.

Published in London July 1, 1807 for John Cary, Engraver and Mapseller.

This view attempts to show the large size. I framed it myself. It's one of the first things I put on my walls when I moved in the cottage over 10 years ago and I still love it. There is a small inset map of the Shetland Isles. I have no idea why I love old maps so much because I have the worst internal compass ever. I love the GPS feature on my phone and use it all the time with turn by turn voice directions and I usually have to use it to find my way back home too. Are you a good map reader? 
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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you that I love your blog! I get up in the morning with a cup of coffee and check to see what you are doing or Webster and Tabitha. So don't stop, I like visiting you every day!

libraryeducator said...

Hi Can you please share the paint color of the living room walls? I love it. It looks like a true ivory, just the color I am looking for. Thank you.

libraryeducator said...

I am not if my previous comment was sent? I would like to know the name of your living room wall paint? Love it and it looks ivory. Can you please help? Thanks! Karen

tammy j said...

DITTO to the lovely comment above.
and yes!
i'm a good map reader.
although i still manage to get lost easily. LOL.
that last picture when you just first glance at it...
almost looks like the royal lion only with bigger paws!
it's simply beautiful. and a lovely addition to the contented cottage. xo

Content in a Cottage said...

library educator - Karen, my woodwork is painted Benjamin Moore Bennington Gray. It's more of a "putty color". My rooms that don't have paneled walls are painted Lancaster Whitewash.

SALLY said...

I, too, love old maps. I have purchased several over the years for my son. When he goes to a new country, I try to find an old map for him. He now has a great collection on his wall.
Glad to see Webster is better!