Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Full Moon Outside My Bedroom Window

Happy Full Moon in Gemini December 17, 2013
I had to pull my bedroom curtains behind my head to prevent window glare. Instead I got blue and white check reflection. Oh, well.
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tammy j said...

and yet . . .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending your checkered moon, Rosemary, for we had cloud cover last night. When Josie and I took our final walk, we were disappointed to find no moon at all.

Lovely morning, though.

Enjoy your day . . . I am off to Ikea for the sole purpose of replenishing candles. I must focus and have given myself 20 minutes to get in, nab two boxes, and be back in the car. Wish me luck.


Candice said...

Hmmm . . . a full moon on my birthday.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the moon when I went to take the trash out. Worth a cold walk outside because our sky is cloudless and the moon is brilliant. I love the effect of the curtain in your photo, and the hazy quality of the moon. You may not have intended it, but it looks cool.

The Queen Vee said...

What a lovely eerie full moon photo! I love that you can see your checkered curtains, it makes the photo look like it was a double exposure.

And now for something completely different; you know one of the best things about getting up early in the winter? It is the opportunity to see gorgeous sunrises, I'm enjoying one right now.