Monday, November 25, 2013

Webster Waits

He's giving me one of those looks so I'd better go to the kitchen now. See you later.
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sweetvintageofmine said...

Yeah, I'd say that too! He's adorable!! Have a Blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving! Roxie

Anonymous said...

Top of the morning to you Webster and Rosemary. May this blustery day be full of purpose and reward for each of you. I expect that by now, Webster, you will have your principal reward from the kitchen . . . negotiated with your irresistible big brown eyes. And, that dear little Miss Tabitha . . . undoubtedly, she has found a warm place for a long nap.
I am heading out into the cold with my very long "to-do" list in my pocket.

NanaDiana said...

He's looking pretty sad about waiting to me!;>) xo Diana

tammy j said...

i'd be forced to stop first and give him at least 20 hugs.
he'd probably finally disgustedly say "ok lady! enough already! my grub PLEASE." because as we know . . . he's always the gentleman!